From the 12 of November to the 16th of November 2015, PUNTO DE FUGA launches the experimental book platform at Le Monte-en-l’air Bookstore in Paris with a series of open meetings, brainstorming sessions, debates, projections and book signings with a small group of publishers, photographers, graphic designers and curators from Europe.

This daily program will be questioning the relevance of photo-books by confronting a wide range of book experiments and visions on photography with an open community of scientists, philosophers, art critics and journalists.


Librairie Le Monte-en-l’air
2 Rue de la Mare, 75020 Paris
6.30 pm to 9 pm

DAY 1 – 12.11.2015
Surveillance, Anonymity and Power in the photo-book field

Katja Stuke, Nationalfeiertag. FW: Books & BöhmKobayashi
Henrik Malmström, A Minor Wrong Doing, Kominek Books
Tommaso Tanini, H said he loved us, Discipula Editions
Lotte Reimann, Jaunt, APE
Hillie de Rooij, Myopia, TEC BOOKS
Will Steacy, Deadline, Bfrankbooks

Special Guests :
Sissel Thastum (The independent air) : notes on a residency program

DAY 2 – 13.11.2015
Dealing with intimacy, Portraiture, and Deformation in photography

Sara Imloul, Das Schloß, Filigranes
Joanna Piotrowska, Frowst, MACK
Dana Lixenberg, Imperial Courts, Roma Publications
Claude Batho, Sans Titre, Gwinzegal
Clara Prioux, Ville Moyenne, Ongoing Project

Special Guests :
Roger Ballen and Isabelle Evertse (Pik magazine) : photographs of mental instability

DAY 3 – 14.11.2015
Documenting and publishing books on war, and industrial economies

Lisa Barnard, Hyenas of the Battlefield, Machines in the Garden, GOST
Lukas Einsele, The Many Moments of an M85 – Zenon’s Arrow Retraced, Ongoing Project
Jos Jansen, The Battlefield, TEC BOOKS 
Émeric Lhuisset Mayden, Paradox & André Frère Editions
Donald Weber, War Sand, Ungoing Project
Henk Wildschut, Warehouse/Laboratory, Self Published

Special Guests :
Tom Mrazauskas (Brave Books Designer) : how to design books on war and conflict
Sebastiaan Hanekroot (Colours & Books) and Emeric Lhuisset : colour treatment of a protest book

Book launch by neutralgreyphoto :
Jana Romanova, Waiting, Self-Published

DAY 4 – 15.11.2015
Astronomic visions in the photographic field

Martin Eberle, Voyager – The Grand Tour, Drittel Books
Alexandra Lethbridge, The Meteorite Hunter, Format Editions
Michel Mazzoni, Gravity, ARP2
Barry W Hughes, NEOP Research Program, Ongoing Project


Banality, Brutality and Destruction in landscape: debates on three photographic projects

Giaime Meloni & Cyrille Weiner, Atmosphériques, Ongoing project
Andrea Botto, KA-BOUM, Ongoing project
Luc Pinsard, Architectural structures and forms before destruction, Ongoing project

Special Guests :
Brad Feuerhelm (ASX), a book selection and review

DAY 5 – 16.11.2015
Archiving, Indexing, classifying and collecting

Daniel Gustav Cramer and Haris Epaminonda, The Infinite Library
Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza, Atem, Yard Press
Hester Keijser, The Book Case Study

Special Guest :
Paola Paleari (independent curator): different ways of archiving, Indexing, classifying and collecting books


Reviewing the experimental book platforms on the net

Éric Foucault, Eternal Network
Victor Boullet, The Institute of Social Hypocrisy
Émilie Macaulay, Stanley James Press

Special Guest :
Willem van Zoetendaal (Van Zoetendaal Gallery) : three books from our library

To punctuate the book debates, PUNTO DE FUGA has made a selection of books that are working on similar subjects opening new forms of reading and understanding photo-books regardless of their initial format. Every day, a group of graphic designers, printers, independent publishers and collectors will have a 20-minutes session individually to create a specific environment for reading their own books using video, sound recordings and printed material.

The experimental sessions are then followed by a one-hour debate with curators and journalists that will open new ways of understanding and observing the process of making books.

Good luck dear readers!