How to begin?

PUNTO DE FUGA is a non-profit organisation created in 2015 by the twins Antonio and Laura Carbonell. Its main purpose is to work on creative ways of sharing Photo-books contend with a solid network of bookmakers (publishers, graphic designers, printers and photographers) from Europe.

Two basic influences where guiding the whole experiment with the book form and contend.

One comes from philosophy, and particularly from Nietzsche’s On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense, the philosophic essay where he mentions two ways of acknowledging life and looking at reality that have been inevitably shaping the most interesting visions of photography and book making history: the intuitive approach one one side and the rational thinking on the other. In the photo-book field, there are as Nietzsche would say “there are ages in which the rational man and the intuitive man stand side by side, the one in fear of intuition, the other with scorn for abstraction. The latter is just as irrational as the former is inartistic. They both desire to rule over life: the former, by knowing how to meet his principle needs by means of foresight, prudence, and regularity; the latter, by disregarding these needs and, as an “overjoyed hero,” counting as real only that life which has been disguised as illusion and beauty”.

The second influence that has been guiding our curiosity in photography books, comes from a wide range of scientific documents dealing with perception and specially the ideas and forms studied in the enigmatic projective geometry thinking of J.V Poncelet where vision and images are also questioning permanently our limited conceptions of space and time. Reading all proportions and images through these very open sources of scientific and artistic interpretations of depth gives the photo-book the possibility to become the source of an experimental journey into the world of photography.

What is a Photo-book for us?

A sensorial experience first calling out all our intuition to defy our vision of what it is, a strange. What do we know about reality and its expressive when reading photo-books? How could we possibly know how to look at a photo-book?

How to read a photo-book?

As a sensorial and intelectual experience, there are several ways of reading images and looking at books. The difficult thing is that once we go through a photo-book we may be like Ismael catching the withe whale in Mody Dick, not knowing if his perception is provoked by a factual and dry contctwith reality or if it is the product of schizoprenia or hallucination. There lays all the challenge of a Photo-book, all its strength too, in the experience of vision.

Experimenting with photo-books:

If we really care about Photo-books, we must be abble to experiment with its content. PUNTO DE FUGA has created threesections that open the format and conted of a book to other visual art languages:

An apocryphal book catalogue made from a selection of Photo-books from a publishers network that aims to integrate books into a different virtual time and space sequence.

A sound collection with interviews, experimental music excerpts, ambience recordings and other musical compositions adding sound to an exclusive photo-book selection made by Punto de Fuga.

A series of brain-storming sessions inviting a community of museum curators, graphic designers, publishers, photographers, printers, collectors and book addicts to open new research fields on photo-books to better understand the issues and contents of those books that are pushing the limits of visual expression.

The partners that have supported our events:


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Time to join and experience!

Good luck.

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