As a non-profit organisation, PUNTO DE FUGA functions with  annual contributions and donations from foundations, collectors, private and public institutions wanting to make part of the independent publisher’s activities through their annual subscription to a series of debates, book recording sessions, experimental publishing workshops and invitations to international book festivals and biennales.


A- Donator

The donator is the main supporter of PUNTO DE FUGA’s activities. As donator he becomes member of the association for 5 years, receives in return one book from the catalogue per year, a print from the annual workshop and an open invitation to the festivals and book signing sessions.

B- Subscriber

The subscriber is the second most important supporter of PUNTO DE FUGA’s activities. For a one-year subscription he receives in return a 15% discount for the book signing sessions and 5% on a limited editions selected from the catalogue. He also receives free passes for the festivals and biennales where PUNTO DE FUGA is present during the year subscription.

C- Guest member

As guest member, the contributor supports the book platform and book recording sessions. He receives a monthly newsletter and benefits from a 5% discount on every activity organized during the year’s subscription.


Membership Form:

Join us by fulfilling the following membership form:


500 € / year

Square Donate Button

100 € / year

Square Donate Button

Guest Member
60€ / year

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For all inquiries concerning the membership and subscription please contact us at

© PUNTO DE FUGA. All rights reserved.

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